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Curated with Mum & Bubs in Mind!

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Find out just why it's called "The Milk Maid". 
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Curated with Mum & Bubs in Mind!

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We Make Motherhood a Breeze


At MyJola, we curate and more importantly hand test all our products. We pride ourselves in high quality, extra safe mother and baby products and accessories for peace of mind for mums. Our baby products will put a stop to worrying about your baby’s comfort and safety and instead you’ll be able to focus on enjoying precious time with your child.

Pumping While Breastfeeding? Try Jola Pump

Hands Free, Easy to Clean, & BPA Free. All our products are hand-tested to ensure excellent 

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Lactation Supplements 

KEgel Exercise ball

Easily Strengthen Your Pelvic Floor In Just Minutes A Day With The JOLA Joy Range.

Designed by experts to give your pelvic floor the maximum workout.Help strengthen your pelvic floor muscles post partum

 regain bladder control, banish or prevent those mortifying leaks for good, no longer fear to sneeze or laughing too hard.

Made of scientifically certified waterproof silicone: hypoallergenic, BPA-free, 100% IPX67 waterproof, soft and ergonomically designed, smooth and even, does not absorb body fluids, is easier to clean and stay healthy.

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Courses to guide you from prenatal to postnal.


"This little pump is awesome. I have a 1 month old and I started using this a few days ago to try to start a freezer stash. I pump one side while the baby nurses on the other, and I’m getting 2-3+ounces each time. It’s so much easier to clean than an electric pump, and it takes less time away from the baby. I’m seriously considering buying a second one for when I’m eventually away from the baby."
Gbemi o
"I'm super excited about this product. With some of the challenges I'm facing with feeding my baby this has allowed me to get the most out of the milk I'm producing in the hopes to keep my production up. I was impressed on how well it works. While feeding on one side I place it on the other. In one feeding I was able to extract a full ounce. The other evening I extracted 80ml for both sides combined. I'm not real impressed with the lid but the stopper seems to work ok."
Nkem C.
"I love love this product, so easy to use, is gonna be great for when Im traveling in the car, or at home when nursing my baby. Also very easy to pour milk from this pump into bottles and bags (to be safe and not to loose any of my gold, I use a funnel.) I'd highly recommend this to any mama. Im gonna be buying more. This to me is just the plug."
Monika O.
"Breastfeeding mamas, please get this! I purchased this as a recommendation from a friend who also used a similar version of this. It is so easy to use! I wish I would have purchased this with my first and second baby! It has made such a huge difference!
Yinka S.
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