5 must have products for breastfeeding mothers

Like every other thing in life, preparation is key in your breastfeeding journey. Several must-haves are best prepared ahead to keep your breastfeeding session comfortable and  successful. Be sure to have these extra useful items on the standby each time yo

1. Nursing Bra 

To stay comfy and practical at all times, make sure you have a few reliable nursing bras. It’s recommended to prioritize high quality ones with easy features such as easy-to-open flaps, so you can breastfeed at a moment’s notice. The signs of good quality nursing bra are:

· Covers the whole breasts ( no spillage).

· Center lies flat ( no tight pressure)

· Smooth & comfy material ( breathable) 

· No Underwires & fit perfectly ( no pressing breast area)

· Band sits at the centre of your back, not too high or low.

· Easy to operate with one hand.

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2. Breast pumps & accessories

Ideally, breastfeeding is done naturally where baby feed directly from mother’s breasts. This helps stimulate breastmilk production and keeps it flowing steadily. However, for working mothers or those who cannot breastfeed directly, a powerful breast pump can come to the rescue and keep your breastfeeding on track. 

JOLA has three range of breast pumps available with features which you can select based on your preference.

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JOLA Flexifit Breastpump 

JOLA MAMAMOO Breast pump  

JOLA Silicone Breast pump  

Don’t forget to pick up a pack of breast milk storage bag or bottles 

3. Breast Pad

We’re sure you’re familiar with the function of a breast pad. This small fabric cover helps prevent leaking of breastmilk. Breast pads are available in disposable or reusable versions, just be sure that the size fits the entire nipple and that they are clean prior to use. To ensure the best experience, remember to change the pads as needed.

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4. Milk Collection Shell

Have you ever wondered how much milk you waste into breast pads or towels throughout the day?  Could that amount be enough to help you give up your pumping? The Breast Milk Saver suctions to the breast while you are feeding your baby on the other side. By using suction, it catches what you leak during the let-down, but then also draws out extra milk.

Like a manual pump, but without the effort.

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 5.  Nipple Cream

Particularly for new mommies, breastfeeding often results in sensitive, dry and cracked nipples. JOLA Nipple cream is 100% organic, lab certified with no added chemical and is hypoallergenic.

Safe for Mom & Baby

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6. Breastmilk Boosters

There’s a new baby in town and that is milk booster for external use, which provides natural breastmilk boosters as solution. Our products help improve milk flow and contain enriching vitamins with natural ingredients to support your best breastfeeding experience. Having the confidence of breastmilk supply is one of the most important thing for every nursing moms. Keep our breastmilk boosters ready booster oil.

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We hope you found this article useful.

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