5 foods to boost milk supply

Moms, you must have heard of breast-feeding foods, right? When all the ways have been done to increase milk production, there is no harm in trying some foods or drinks that have high effectiveness. 

In fact, some of the following foods that promote breastfeeding have become a hereditary tradition in various parts of the world. In addition, there is already a lot of scientific research that supports the existence of galactagogues or natural native fertilizers. Come on, check out the 5 types of breast milk that you must try:

This natural grain with an aromatic fragrance has often been lined up as a food and drink that facilitates breast milk. As a galactagogue, this plant contains a component that resembles the hormone estrogen which is closely related to the production of abundant breast milk. A study also found an increase in breast milk production in breastfeeding mothers who consumed fenugreek-based milk-stimulating tea 3 times a day.
However, breastfeeding mothers are advised to continue to follow the consumption recommendations or consult a doctor first. Or, you can also try the milk boosting oil from JOLA which has been enriched with Fenugreek and various other ingredients.


Oatmeal or wheat grains are probably best known as a healthy breakfast alternative for Indonesian families. But do you know? Oatmeal has often been used as a breast-feeding food that is dense in nutrients and filling. The iron content in 170 grams of oatmeal reaches up to 2 mg or 20% of the needs of nursing mothers. 
In addition, oatmeal also does not contain excessive minerals so it does not interfere with breast milk production.

3. Fennel Seeds

Fennel seeds are one of the traditional ingredients of foods and beverages that promote breast milk. Similar to Fenugreek, Fennel also contains components that resemble the hormone estrogen. Several scientific studies have also succeeded in finding a link between this grain and an increase in breast milk volume, including in terms of fat and quality.


For breastfeeding mothers, don’t forget to increase your protein and iron intake through the consumption of low-fat meats. Options such as beef, mutton and chicken can help produce richer and smoother breast milk.


Choose vegetables that are colorful and green such as spinach, kale, sweet potatoes, pumpkin, tomatoes, and the like because they are very rich in vitamin A, iron, calcium and folic acid. Ideally, the vegetable menu should be a complement to the daily nutrition of nursing mothers, so that they can support the body’s performance in producing breast milk. Of course, all the goodness of vegetables can not only be a breastfeeding food, but also guarantee the health of the breastfed baby. 

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